New Website, Colourful Tableware and More

It's been a while between drinks - that's the party lingo coming out - but finally a new blog post!

And so much to write about!!

While we've been slacking off in the blog writing department we've been busy creating a new website, importing awesome coloured compostable tableware from America AND preparing a new line of retail-ready compostable coloured cutlery - the first of their kind in Australia.

So where to start first?

The website: feast your eyes on the new design ....

It will feature new functions designed to make your shopping easier.

•    Stay on the product page once you've added your item to the cart (much easier to continue shopping!).
•    Create wish lists.
•    Create gift certificates.
•    Sign in as a guest or create an account.
•    Shop easily by occasion.
•    Multiple payment options: pay on site securely or use Paypal.
•    And much more.

It will be launched in October!
Our new coloured compostable tableware is from Certified B Corporation Susty Party.

The team at Susty have done an amazing job with their fresh and gorgeous party range.

It includes:
•    Vibrant 10oz cups, lined with a plant-based resin.
•    Colourful 12oz bowls, 7" and 10" plates made from rapidly renewable tapioca starch.
•    Colourful napkins made from recycled paper (20% post consumer).
•    PLA clear cups, with a star design - great for 18ths or 21sts.
•    Beautiful tablecloths made from bioplastic - so they can be reused and also disposed of in a commercial composting facility to be turned into usable soil.
•    All products are non-toxic and coloured with FDA-approved inks.
•    They are manufactured in America with jobs created for the blind.
     Our new coloured PLA cutlery will arrive in store mid-October and we are super excited! With colourful plastic cutlery so popular for parties we scoured the planet to find an eco alternative - and here it is.

They are of course non-toxic, made from plant-resin and certified to compost in a commercial composting facility, meeting European standard DIN EN13432 for compostability.

Beautiful and vibrant they'll be a hit for your next party!
We've added plenty of other products since our last blog post too.

See just some of the products in the pics below :)

Balloons ... why we no longer stock them.

Earlier this year we made a big decision to no longer supply balloons to our customers.

They were one of our biggest sellers!

We had sold them previously believing them to be biodegradable and, if disposed of correctly, would pose no threat to wildlife.

Read that blog here

We took this advice from many sources including the BalloonCouncil (TBC) - an international network of manufacturers, distributors, decorators, retailers and entertainers for the balloon industry - which was established in 1990.

However over the past year we have felt uneasy about their and other's eco friendly claims relating to balloons, despite almost all retail websites claiming balloons were biodegradable also.

So we did some more research and discovered there was more to the story.

Firstly we wiped the slate clean, believing the Balloon Council as a network of manufacturers, distributors, retailers etc. have a vested interest in the sale of latex balloons and painting a positive light on their eco credentials, so they could not really be taken seriously as a verifiable industry body.

Also, nowhere on the Council's list of members were environmental groups to support these claims of safety for the environment.

Secondly our own first hand tests included seeing our own balloons decompose extremely slowly in our own open air compost.

We had also left a balloon behind from a party once and our beloved golden retriever ate it. Fortunately he didn't choke, but it shows you that even dogs, as well as all type of animal, bird and sea life, can mistake balloons for food.

We looked further into claims of balloons using chemicals, plasticizers and artificial dyes and realised that maybe all that is natural about balloons is just the rubber latex.

Eco pine cones and pine cone holders

By Neoma Demourtzidis
Ever wondered how to give a serving of popcorn a gorgeous makeover for a party? At Eco Party Box we can help.

As I was doing some photography this week we added some popcorn to our eco friendly pine cones and the 20-hole holders. The result was a beautiful, wholesome and rustic feel.

It made me think of all events it could be used for: movie nights, tea parties or weddings.

And the pine cones don't have to hold just popcorn either. They also suit confetti or rose petals, take-home party gifts, lollies or small entrees like seafood or crepes, just as one of our local customers does for his market crepe stall.

Best of all the pine cones are compostable - which means you can use them for your celebration and then use them to grow a garden.

The pine cone holder could also come in handy for ice-cream cones. Instead of having such mess, just stick the ice-cream cone in the stand and serve in a simple and neat manner.

Meet Neoma - the newest member of the Eco Party Box team.

For the past eight weeks we've been able to kick off our heels and let someone else do all the work!

If only! But we have been helped out by our expert packer Neoma, Tina's sister.

Neoma is the first permanent part-time member of the Eco Party Box team. She's also a great photographer and loves to babysit her nephews and niece. Bonus!

After hours of in depth conversation here's what we've been able to find out so far:

What is your favourite book?
Anything fantasy or crime.

What is your favourite film?
I have many, but currently it's The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Who's Your Celebrity Crush?
Nicholas Holt - from X Men First Class.

What is your favourite Eco Party Box product?
The coloured paper straws and the pine cones and their holder.

Where is your ultimate holiday destination?
Traveling the whole world is my dream.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself:
I love reading and dancing. I studied events at Tafe last year and this year I'm studying hospitality. I work with a great team of people and I get to see my niece and nephews whom I love to pieces. My ultimate goal is to travel the world.

Here's some of her photographic work:

Here's some of her better stuff:

Eco Friendly Australia Day Party

One of the biggest party events on the Aussie calendar rolls around every year on January 26.

Australia Day is celebrated by many either at the beach, around at a friends place with a bbq or over at a park.

Aussie flags decorate cars and homes and blue and white zinc cream is painted on kid's noses all over the country.

This year if you're having a bbq on Australia Day make it an eco friendly event - with compostable tableware and biodegradable decorations.

Our Australia Day Party Box features everything you need for a get-together for 25 people.

*25 x large light brown plates (220mm) made from bamboo pulp fibre
*25 x small light brown plates (180mm) made from bamboo pulp fibre
*5 large light brown oval platters made from bamboo pulp fibre
*25 x FSC certified wooden cutlery - knives, forks and spoons
*25 x regular biodegradable single-wall cups (8 ounce)
*100 x recycled brown lunch napkins
*16 x Australia Day Colour Balloons (8 blue and 8 white)
*25 x Australian Flag Cocktail Picks
*1 x Blue and White Australia Day Bunting
*1 x 30 litre disposable bag made from corn starch
*Comes in a sturdy cardboard picnic hamper box made from 100% recycled cardboard

You can purchase all the products in the box - including our balloons, bunting and Australian Flag cocktail sticks - separately.

We wish you a happy and eco friendly Australia Day!