Balloons ... a party popper or party pooper?

With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations fast approaching we thought it important to inform our blog readers about the dangers that the lovable latex balloons pose to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Our stance on balloons has been updated (June, 2014) and we no longer stock balloons. Find out why here.

As eco party lovers we have witnessed many compelling debates for and against offering latex balloons to our customers.

This blog talks of the only eco friendly balloon - that is those made from latex, a renewable sap-like extract from the Hevea brasilienesis rubber tree, found mostly throughout Asia and Africa.

We gathered our information from a variety of credible online sources (see the bottom of this article for links) as well as the International Balloon Association (IBA) and Balloon Council (TBC) - both international networks of manufacturers, distributors, decorators, retailers, and entertainers for the balloon industry established in 1990.

In short the conclusion we came to is that it’s not the balloon that does the damage, it's how the consumer disposes of it. The risk to the environment is not IF latex balloons biodegrade, because they do, but WHERE they end up.

Ideas for a Merry Eco Christmas

Of all the world's celebrations its Christmas which produces the most waste direct to landfill.
Here are some ideas to avoid Christmess this month.

Deck the halls, room and mantle piece with white, red and green bunting. Make it in paper and string, eco-fi, felt and material. Hang a hand-made wreath on the front door or make one using fresh leaves and flowers.

For table centrepieces you could make your own organic gingerbread house as an impressive centre piece; fill vases with beautiful fresh flowers from the local market; have a beeswax or soy candle surrounded by native leaves and flowers; or a small nativity scene.