Eco Ideas for the Easter Holidays

Hooray for holidays! They are here again and the Easter period is one of the best – lots of public holidays and time to enjoy the children.

Here are some eco inspired ideas for parents who want their children to enjoy the simple things in life over the holiday period. Some are best for inside days, while others are more suited to the warm weather.

The Cold Days
• Cubby Houses and Dens – position some chairs to make a circle and then place some blankets over them to create a fun secret hideout in the lounge.
• Cleaning Day – involve the children in your cleaning. Get them to help you clean the windows and floors, do the dusting, sweeping and polishing. It may not be the most thorough job but it will keep them busy.
• Washing Day – it may be the clothes, the dishes or the dog.
• Dress ups – get out the costumes or use Mum and Dad’s clothes for some role-playing fun.
• Craft – grab the glue, sticky tape, all sorts of paper, cardboard and other colorful left over pieces to create a masterpeice!
• Drawing/Painting – pencils, wax crayons, waterbased paints, chalk – if you have a spare wall at home let the children add their colourful design to it – they’ll feel like Michelangelo even if it isn’t a Picasso.
• Beeswax Modeling – is the best stuff to use. Warm it to mould different shapes and use nuts, leaves, bark and other things fallen from your local neighbourhood trees to make something special. Let your imagination run wild.
• Playdoh – you can make your own and there are plenty of recipes on the internet.
• Puppet Shows – dress up some socks with buttons, beads and other material and create a story.
• Sewing and Felt Making – children can make some really simple yet wonderful things, like pouches or bags and the colourful eco friendly felt really stands out.
• Jam Making – if you have lots of fruit like figs and don’t know what to do with them look for a recipes on the internet or some old cookbooks hiding in your cupboard.
• Baking – bake some biscuits or a cake from scratch or do it the easy way and get a pre-made mix.
• Dolls/Teddy Bear’s Picnics and Tea Parties – invite the gang round for a cuppa.
• Shop Play – pick up some really useful toys and books or even imaginary bargains from your local lounge room.
• Painted Easter Eggs – boil up some eggs and get the paint out to make some beautiful basket fillers for Easter.
• Dyed Easter Eggs – there are many natural ways to do this. Click HERE to read a great article.

The Warm Days
• Planting Day – get some seeds, find some dirt, dig a hole and get back to nature.
• Backyard Picnics – cut up some fruit and small finger food and enjoy some fun in the sun.
• Backyard Camping – get the tent up, start the campfire and maybe even sleep under the stars.
• Sand Play – hide toys in the sand pit for the children to find or just let them create something fun. Pots and pans are a great addition to any sand pit.
• Fairy Gardens - create a magical space in the corner of the garden and get ready to believe.
• Treasure Hunt – hide toys in the garden for the children to find.
• Kite Flying – let wind power create some fun. You can even make your own kite without too much fuss. Crepe paper, string, glue and some sticks.
• Rope Play – use it to climb or have fun skipping.
• Climb Trees – keep an eye on them, but this is a real nature activity every child should enjoy.
• Mud Pies – make some messy fun.
• Bubble Blowing – children are enchanted by bubbles floating through the garden.
• Water Fun: sprinklers, paddle pools, water barrels and sailing boats.
• Games – hopscotch, marbles, simple card and board games as well as some fun party games like Simon Says or hide and seek.
• Woodworking – parental guidance is advised, but there is no readon they can’t help you cut up some wood, hammer in some nails and make anything from a doll’s house to some doll’s furniture. Keep a tub of wooden offcuts handy.
• Shell Finding – take a trip to the local beach to find some shells to decorate the home or even homemade birthday cards with.

• Other ideas: swimming, forest walks, berry and fruit picking, visiting the playground and stick races in the local creek.

I hope these simple but universally popular ideas (apart from the cleaning and washing perhaps) are helpful.

Have a great time inviting nature to your holidays.

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