Eco Friendly Australia Day Party

One of the biggest party events on the Aussie calendar rolls around every year on January 26.

Australia Day is celebrated by many either at the beach, around at a friends place with a bbq or over at a park.

Aussie flags decorate cars and homes and blue and white zinc cream is painted on kid's noses all over the country.

This year if you're having a bbq on Australia Day make it an eco friendly event - with compostable tableware and biodegradable decorations.

Our Australia Day Party Box features everything you need for a get-together for 25 people.

*25 x large light brown plates (220mm) made from bamboo pulp fibre
*25 x small light brown plates (180mm) made from bamboo pulp fibre
*5 large light brown oval platters made from bamboo pulp fibre
*25 x FSC certified wooden cutlery - knives, forks and spoons
*25 x regular biodegradable single-wall cups (8 ounce)
*100 x recycled brown lunch napkins
*16 x Australia Day Colour Balloons (8 blue and 8 white)
*25 x Australian Flag Cocktail Picks
*1 x Blue and White Australia Day Bunting
*1 x 30 litre disposable bag made from corn starch
*Comes in a sturdy cardboard picnic hamper box made from 100% recycled cardboard

You can purchase all the products in the box - including our balloons, bunting and Australian Flag cocktail sticks - separately.

We wish you a happy and eco friendly Australia Day!