How Eco Are We?

So How Eco Are We?

The creating of Eco Party Box Pty Ltd began in early 2011 and required gathering products from the most ethical sources while making sure they were as eco friendly as possible. It is an ever evolving process as we continue to come across products which set the bar ever higher.

Our goal is to play our role in healing the planet - that is helping our customers to plan and prepare an eco friendly party.

We also recognise that our customers want transparency from us too - so that they know their purchase is made in full awareness of the decisions that we have made to make the planet self-sustainable.

Our emphasis is on providing wholesome, simple and natural party products so that our customers can purchase items which reflect their own inner beauty as well as the natural beauty of the world around them.

All our disposable tableware is 100% compostable - it has been tested to meet Australian and International standards for compostability - so that when the party is over they can be used to help renew the earth.

Below is a list of the eco party supplies we stock and products we use in packaging. We have listed what is used to make them and in what country they are made.

Our Products

Areca Tableware: Made from the naturally-shed fallen outer sheath of the Areca palm tree (AKA the Betel Nut tree). Eco Vision Bio Plates are 100% compostable and support rural developments in India. (Come in round, square and rectangle shapes).

Sugarcane Tableware: Made from sugarcane fibre that is 100% compostable. Our preference is to carry unbleached products (a natural light brown colour). Made in China.

Cups: Our compostable paper cups meet Australian Standard 4736:2006 compostable certifications. They are made from paper sourced from managed plantations that are SFI and FSC certified and are lined with PLA, a corn-based resin. They differ from normal paper cups which are lined with polyethylene, a petroleum-based plastic lining. Made in China.

Wooden Cutlery: Made from plantation birch. Made in China.

Corn Starch Cutlery: Forks, Spoons and Knives made from CPLA. CPLA stands for Crystalized Poly Lactic Acid and is the name of a bioplastic made from non-GMO corn starch. They meet Australian Standard: 4736:2006 compostable certifications. *It is more eco friendly than PSM corn starch cutlery which contains 12% plastic. Made in China.

Napkins: Made from 80% sugarcane fibre and 20% virgin fibre. 100% compostable. Made from renewable crops. Made in China.

Balloons: Our high-quality latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and are from an Australian-owned company. Latex is naturally derived from rubber tree sap and will break down nearly as quickly as a leaf fallen from an oak tree. The latex is harvested from rubber trees without harming the tree. We advise everyone to clean up all balloon mess after a party and also request that they do not use helium to inflate the balloons in case they do slip through a child's fingers. Even though latex balloons are compostable they still pose a choking hazard to animals. Made in Thailand.

Latex balloons are different to Mylar balloons which are made with mylar nylon, a material developed for use with the US space program and are NOT biodegradable. Balloons made from mylar are often coated with a metallic finish and are available in a variety of shapes and imprinted designs.

Felt Party Hats and Crowns: Our felt products are hand-made from 100% pure yak wool felt by a community of women in Nepal.

Lokta Paper Notebooks and Paper Crowns: Our notebooks and crowns are hand-made from renewable Lokta paper, found in the Nepales Himalays, by a community of women in Nepal.

Birthday Candles/Table Candles: Hand-made in Western Australia from 100% pure beeswax. Beeswax is natural and renewable. It actually improves air quality as it removes pollutants and allergens from the air when lit.

Straws: Kikkerland biodegradable paper straws. Made in Holland.

Paper Bags: Our paper bag selection uses paper from renewable sources. Made in Australia by Paper-Pak.

Walnut Boats: Walnut shells filled with beeswax. A toothpick and coloured felt make the sail and mast. Made in South Australia.

Gum Nut Children: Gum nuts make the body and coloured felt and wooden beads make the head with multi-coloured natural pure wool used for a scarf. Made in South Australia.

Biodegradable Disposable Bag: We use Biobags which feature Mater-Bi a corn starch-based plastic which is an environmental alternative to polyethylene-based plastics. Mater-Bi is a completely compostable bio-polymer and meets Australian Standard: 4736:2006 and European Standard: EN 13432. Mater-Bi comes contain GMO free starch and other renewable resources. Made in America.

Cards, Invitations and Wrapping Paper: From Earth Greetings, a South Australian company which designs & prints its cards and invitations carbon neutral in Australia with vegetable-based ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Made in Australia.

Envelopes: our envelopes from Ecocern which are made from 100% post consumer content. Made in Australia.

Grow Your Own Garden - Party Favour Packs: these packs consist of small compostable jiffy pots made from peat and wood fibre as well as a packet of organic seeds from Greenpatch Organic Seeds. Grown in Australia.

Bunting: our hand-made eco-fi “happy birthday” bunting uses eco-fi - a synthetic fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. Made in America.

Our hand-made fabric bunting is made from quality material sourced from 2nd-hand stores. Made in Willunga, South Australia.

Crayon Rocks: Our Crayon Rocks are made from natural soy wax, using soy beans and are colored with mineral pigments. Made in America.


Boxes: Our picnic hamper boxes (free with out our birthday, sugarcane and themed party boxes for 16 and 25) are made from 100% recycled cardboard. Made in Australia.

As a golden rule when our orders require a larger box than our custom-made 100% recycled content party boxes we only ever use our previously purchased brown unbleached cardboard boxes which contain some recycled content. We also use pre-used recyclable boxes and bags sourced locally. Occasionally we may use the non-bubble-wrap-lined Australia Post expandable tough bag (made from thick paper).

We choose never to use the plastic or degradable post-it bags which offer over night delivery.

Sellotape: Biodegradable cellulose Sellotape known as "enviro tape.

String: Eco friendly brown twine.

Paper: For receipts we use Ecocern brown paper made from 100% post consumer content. For office use we use 100% Evolve (100% recycled white paper). Made in Australia.

Printer Ink: As there is no home-based printer that uses vegetable-based ink we are always mindful to use as little ink as possible.

Stamp: (for package branding) Our one stamp comes from Rubber Stamps Direct and uses green vegetable-based ink.

Paper Bags: We use Cast Away recycled brown paper bags.

Packaging Paper: Marbig Enviro Kraft Paper Roll - our partyware is all beautifully wrapped together in eco brown paper and tied up with string (sing it "rainbows on roses and whiskers on kittens ..."). We use as little wrapping as possible while ensuring your products are packaged safely and hygienically.

Business Cards and Bookmarks: We use for our 100% recycled business cards, loyalty cards and bookmarks. They are printed using only vegetable inks with carbon offset.

Other Info

Delivery: We choose Australia Post for our deliveries. They are a member of the Green Fleet Project ( not-for-profit organisation that plants trees on behalf of companies to offset their vehicle emissions.

The Australia Post site states: "Australia Post has been committed for over a decade to actively minimising those emissions through participation in the Greenhouse Challenge program. We are currently offsetting emissions of 100 vehicles and saving approximately 430 tonnes of CO2 annually."

Bookkeeping: We keep our accounts up to date on an eco notebook with an eco pen from Eco Office Supplies. (

Hygiene: We clean our hands in detergent-free and chemical-free soap before packing our Boxes. We ensure all boxes are packed under sanitised conditions.