Donating to Sea Shepherd Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia recently got in touch asking us if we could donate some biodegradable plates, cutlery and napkins for a brunch fundraising event on the 19th of May, in which they catered for approximately 150 people.

One of our organic cotton finger puppets became a stowaway.
We miss you Tommy Turtle. Have a safe adventure!
Helping support the great work of worthy environmental organisations like Sea Shepherd is one of our goals - and considering the great work the Sea Shepherd crew do in protecting whales from illegal Japanese whaling fleets in Antarctica, all while operating as a not-for-profit group run solely on donations to run their kitchen, deck and entire ship - we were happy to help.

Currently all three of their ships are docked at a Melbourne pier while undergoing repairs from their confrontations at sea.

Their last campaign (ninth in total) Operation Zero Tolerance saw them save the lives of 932 threatened, endangered and protected whales.

dirtgirlworld's World Environment Day eco-Carnivale

June 5 is a special date on the eco calendar - the official World Environment Day.

Our friends dirtgirl and scrapboy over at dirtgirlworld are planning something a little special too.

Kindies, preschools, child care centres and schools from all over Australia are being encouraged to take part in dirtgirlworld's "the littlest ever world environment day eco-Carnivale".

This involves planning a little event - an eco-Carnivale - to hold on World Environment Day.

So what is an eco-Carnivale?
It’s festive and fun. It’s about celebrating our wonderful world. It’s reminding ourselves and others of the importance of caring for our environment. It’s anything you want it to be.

It could be a picnic, bike-athon, nature walkabout, games day, treasure hunt, market, music concert,  art exhibition, a dance, carnivale, dress up day or garden day.

At the end of the day Dirtgirl says it is "little kids doing little things to make a little difference".

Us here at Eco Party Box believe a plethora of eco-Carnivales all around the country are in fact capable of making a big difference - because of course they're helping to shape young minds in knowing the importance of caring for the earth while having fun doing it too. That's why we're so excited to be involved.

As well as some of our Garden Party Boxes, there are other prizes to be won and the chance to raise some money to ‘eco up’ the places where children are playing and learning. This could be a worm farm , a compost tumbler, some sustainable toys, seeds for a year, a raised garden bed, some garden tools, sprinkler system, solar powered lights, a wheelbarrow, rain water tank. It's up to you!
Find out more and register your kindy, preschool, child care centre or school here.