Eco Ocean Party

Last Saturday we celebrated our second son's fourth birthday with an "Ocean Party". The theme transpired when our son wanted a 'shark' birthday cake.

We made it as eco friendly as possible decorating the home with felt and material bunting, ecoGarlands and tissue balls. We re-used as much as we could using material we already owned. So it was very much a hand-made party.

We decked out the back shed with blue tarpaulins and bed sheets to create an "aquarium" where the little ones could enjoy some chilled out play. We hung green material from the beams for seaweed (which grandma wants back so she can make a fairy dress for our daughter) and cut out a shark's head from cardboard for fun photos. 

Weeks before the party Mum and the birthday boy kept busy making fish and jelly fish out of eco party plates and up-cycled material.