New Website, Colourful Tableware and More

It's been a while between drinks - that's the party lingo coming out - but finally a new blog post!

And so much to write about!!

While we've been slacking off in the blog writing department we've been busy creating a new website, importing awesome coloured compostable tableware from America AND preparing a new line of retail-ready compostable coloured cutlery - the first of their kind in Australia.

So where to start first?

The website: feast your eyes on the new design ....

It will feature new functions designed to make your shopping easier.

•    Stay on the product page once you've added your item to the cart (much easier to continue shopping!).
•    Create wish lists.
•    Create gift certificates.
•    Sign in as a guest or create an account.
•    Shop easily by occasion.
•    Multiple payment options: pay on site securely or use Paypal.
•    And much more.

It will be launched in October!
Our new coloured compostable tableware is from Certified B Corporation Susty Party.

The team at Susty have done an amazing job with their fresh and gorgeous party range.

It includes:
•    Vibrant 10oz cups, lined with a plant-based resin.
•    Colourful 12oz bowls, 7" and 10" plates made from rapidly renewable tapioca starch.
•    Colourful napkins made from recycled paper (20% post consumer).
•    PLA clear cups, with a star design - great for 18ths or 21sts.
•    Beautiful tablecloths made from bioplastic - so they can be reused and also disposed of in a commercial composting facility to be turned into usable soil.
•    All products are non-toxic and coloured with FDA-approved inks.
•    They are manufactured in America with jobs created for the blind.
     Our new coloured PLA cutlery will arrive in store mid-October and we are super excited! With colourful plastic cutlery so popular for parties we scoured the planet to find an eco alternative - and here it is.

They are of course non-toxic, made from plant-resin and certified to compost in a commercial composting facility, meeting European standard DIN EN13432 for compostability.

Beautiful and vibrant they'll be a hit for your next party!
We've added plenty of other products since our last blog post too.

See just some of the products in the pics below :)