Sunnie's Ballerina Party

Its August and in our family we are lucky to have 3 birthdays to celebrate. That means lots of cake! To start off the month our gorgeous daughter Sunnie turned 6 and she wanted a ballerina-themed party.

I started off scouring the internet for ballerina party ideas (see the collection we collated at our Pinterest link here). Our goal was to find ideas that we liked and suited our home and where possible make them eco friendly. As the Mum of the ballerina girl I went to op shops and searched the house for material and trinkets.

I found some pretty pink curtains from the local second-hand store and lots of old pink sheets in her cupboard (I was saving them to make bunting) which I used to section the storage boxes off in our small backyard shed to create a little ballet studio complete with tutu hanging from the ceiling and dance costumes for the girls to dress up in. All borrowed of course.

We invited 25 children and with siblings we had 30 little ones running around. A party with this many children isn't difficult it just takes a lot of forward planning and good organising.

As we had beautiful children with a vegan appetite coming to the party we kept the food simple, healthy and wholesome. Bliss balls, popcorn, fruit salad, coconut balls (not vegan), dried figs, corn chips, guacamole dip and pizza. I made vegan pizza as well. We had two drinking dispensers which contained water in one and homemade lemonade in the other. Plus we had apple juice and flavoured mineral water in the fridge.

Sunnie's brave Dad lead the 30 children to some fun activities which included "Ballerina Says" (like Simon Says), Musical Statues, Ballerina/Fairy Quiz and a Treasure Hunt around the garden.