From Little Things Big Things Grow

Heading into the new year it's always great to know that from little things big things grow.

Standing 163cm tall and towering above our children is this mammoth sunflower just about in bloom.

So if you are finally starting on that dream you've always wanted or planning a fitness regime for the new year take some inspiration from nature and don't be afraid to shine!
Meanwhile we have sourced plenty more products which we will be introducing to our store in 2013 to continue our dream (which started as a seed) of providing to our customers the most eco-friendly party supplies around.

By the way our gorgeous sunflower began as a seed from our Grow Your Own Garden Party Favours.

Watching it grow and being dwarfed by the end result was a wonderful experience for the kids.

As we are a family business we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and visitors to our site and blog a safe, happy and blessed new year.