Healthy and Yummy Party Food and Drink

We've recently been on the look out for the perfect party food and drink.

Not that we'll be stocking it in our store, we don't want to do that, but just to inform our customers of where they can get something yummy and most importantly healthy for the party.

Living south of the city of Adelaide, in Port Willunga, we only had to look a few suburbs over in Willunga and a bit further south at Port Elliot for some brilliant party food and drink. 

The Carob Kitchen operates out of Port Elliot and sells a range of caffeine and gluten-free carob chocolate with no added sugar. This includes their Banjo Bears (a better Freddo frog). We recently discovered that cacao, cocoa and all milk chocolate are pretty bad for our bodies. They contain Theobromine which is a neurotoxin. So give carob chocolate a go for your next party - it's really yummy!

As far as the healthy drinks go Willunga is home to Mojo Kombucha - a certified organic health drink from Organic and Raw. Described as an ancient handmade elixir that is created by a unique fermentation recipe it is like a probiotic and flushes out the body's toxins.

So hooray for the clever people making delicious and healthy party food and drink in our part of the world!