Donating to Sea Shepherd Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia recently got in touch asking us if we could donate some biodegradable plates, cutlery and napkins for a brunch fundraising event on the 19th of May, in which they catered for approximately 150 people.

One of our organic cotton finger puppets became a stowaway.
We miss you Tommy Turtle. Have a safe adventure!
Helping support the great work of worthy environmental organisations like Sea Shepherd is one of our goals - and considering the great work the Sea Shepherd crew do in protecting whales from illegal Japanese whaling fleets in Antarctica, all while operating as a not-for-profit group run solely on donations to run their kitchen, deck and entire ship - we were happy to help.

Currently all three of their ships are docked at a Melbourne pier while undergoing repairs from their confrontations at sea.

Their last campaign (ninth in total) Operation Zero Tolerance saw them save the lives of 932 threatened, endangered and protected whales.

Sea Shepherd Australia Director Jeff Hansen says on their website that the group was elated that they have delivered the worst season to date to whale poachers from Japan.

One of the Sea Shepherd ships in action.
"These poachers have shown a complete disregard for cetacean life, human life and Australian and International law," he says.

"By targeting protected and endangered whales in a whale sanctuary and risking massive oil spills in the pristine Antarctic wilderness, they are showing the world their contempt for ocean life and for the global community who has consistently called for an end to whaling."
We were over a dozen companies asked to donate.

The television series Whale Wars documents the work of the Sea Shepherd team and is one of the highest rating shows on Animal Planet on Foxtel. Sea Shepherd’s direct-action interventions have saved the lives of more than 4,500 whales and exposed illegal Japanese whaling to the world. It's next campaign to be run in 2013/14 is named Operation Relentless.

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