Why, How and What - Taking a leaf out of Apple's tree

We came across a great TED talk some time ago. 

If you haven’t heard of TED it’s a top website full of opinions and ideas with the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

It’s had more than 5 million views and the presenter Simon Sinek presents an 18 minute talk on “How great leaders inspire action”. 

It is also a very interesting insight and analytic dissection of how Apple has become so successful worldwide.

It work’s on Sinek’s “Golden Circle” concept which he dubs “probably the world’s simplest idea”.

This idea is knowing WHY, HOW and WHAT an organization does.

The Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King and Apple have all used it. “Because,’ he says. “They all think, act and communicate in the exact same way and it is the complete opposite of everyone else.”

All Sinek claims to have done is to “codify it”.

Knowing WHY, HOW and WHAT organizations and their employees do is how they are able to inspire and why those who don’t know these three essential elements of their organisation don’t inspire and don’t succeed as well.

But there is more according to Sinek.

“Every single organization knows WHAT they do. Some know HOW they do it but very few know WHY they do it. And by why it’s not “to make a profit” because that is a result.

“By WHY it is your purpose, cause and belief. Why does the organisation exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

“All inspiring organizations work from the inside out.”

Needless to say we are fans of Sinek’s opinion here. And as it turns out we are fans of Apple too. Apple’s WHY, according to Sinek, is “everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently”.

This philosophy is not just great for organizations but for each of us in our personal lives too. 

If we can each articulate our WHY, the reason we wake up in the morning, we will attract those people who share the same beliefs or at least similar. It’s the law of attraction.

If our WHYs are inspiring to each of us, are some how helpful in caring for each other and the earth and we can remain authentic to them then the future can be a very positive one for everyone on earth.


Here’s our WHY, HOW and WHAT:
Why – we believe in awakening people to their connection to the wonder, beauty and mystery of nature. We believe in sustaining the earth’s natural resources for all generations to come.
How – the way we awaken people to their connection to the wonder, beauty and mystery of nature is by providing authentic and wholesome eco friendly products, ideas and advice.
What – we just happen to provide products for parties, weddings and events.

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