Our silly season of kid's parties

We had a great time celebrating parties for our three children this year. 

Held in June and August respectively, this year we chose a swimming centre as the venue for our eldest son’s party, an animal barn for our daughter’s and the zoo for our youngest son’s. 

As usual we brought out the organic ingredients for the cakes, organic fruit and vegies and chips and dips for the finger food. 

Not surprisingly our eco party store gave us everything else we needed. 

Indoor Swimming Centre: 
For $130 11 kids were entertained for an hour. Enjoying pool games, swinging off the Tarzan rope and more it was a refreshing time, ideal for the early weeks of spring. 

Our eco touches were the invites, healthy wholesome food and using our own eco-friendly loot bags with our walnut boats and organic lollies. We added seeded-paper oregano gift tags for something to plant back home.

We did order the hot chips and ice-cream cake for some sugar. Everyone had a great time and we felt good taking our own compostable rubbish home in our compostable bags to bury in our garden. 

Animal Farm: 
A tad more expensive at $25 per head the little ones enjoyed pony rides, feeding goats, sheep and chickens, holding rabbits as well playing games and having mini tractor racing. A very memorable day. 

 Being in nature and interacting with animals felt a very nurturing way of having a party away from home. For decorations we brought in my own home-made happy birthday bunting which we were able to hang in the party room. 

For take-home gifts we made little matchboxes wrapped in felt with a felt flower in each and included an organic lollipop. We made wooden bead bracelets for the jewellery box cake and each child got to take a bracelet home after the cake was cut up and eaten.  

Zoo Party: 
The entrance fee of $80 per family was not covered by us, therefore it was a smaller gathering, but still very memorable. No pre-arranged games or activities for the little ones but the intrigue on our youngest’s face when looking at the different animals was priceless.

We had an organic monkey cake with additive-free icing and we decorated our string-handle brown loot bags with a picture of a different animal for each child. Inside were our lokta notebooks, eco-friendly pencils, tumbled gemstones, gumnut children, alpaca wool finger puppets and muesli bars. Despite having parties in the cooler months, they were all fun, easy and eco-friendly. 

This shows you that you can have eco parties away from home even in poor weather.

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