Wirra Wirra Picks a Peck of Picnic Packs

Popular McLaren Vale winery, Wirra Wirra, recently got in touch with us wanting to create some Eco Picnic Packs for their fans to take advantage of the Cellar Door's new BBQ facilities.

Wirra Wirra actively seek to operate via environmentally sustainable management practices in all parts of their business.
This includes biodynamic management of vineyards, water recycling initiatives, energy efficiency and recycled packaging options.

Eco-friendly packs for their BBQs fits this philosophy.

"The idea is for people to buy some local meat, cook it up on our barbies and enjoy some of our beautiful wine," says Cellar Door manager Lisa McNicol.

The packs consist of:
*4 x unbleached large plates (12") made from sugar cane fibre
*4 x PSM cutlery - knives and forks - all made from 100% biodegradable corn starch
*2 x PSM spoons
*2 x unbleached bowls made from sugar cane fibre
*5 x napkins made from corn starch
*1 disposable bag made from corn starch

Wirra Wirra retail the packs for $6.00.

Visit www.ecopartybox.com.au for more info.

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