Asher's 2nd Birthday Party

Last weekend welcomed the 2nd birthday for my youngest child Asher and the 1st anniversary of the birth of the Eco Party Box idea.

It was while looking for eco friendly party supplies for Aher’s 1st birthday last year that I decided to create this business - and I really love it!

So this year just had to be extra special and extra eco.

We invited friends and family by to meet at a local children's train park.

It was a beautiful venue with train tracks twisting through the trees and three different trains powering over bridges and among the stunning landscape. Everyone, including the adults, had a wonderful time despite the chilly weather.

As well as using all the eco tableware, cups and napkins that we now have lots of, and also the felt bunting, felt party hats and beeswax candles, here are some other ways I was able to make the party a totally eco one with lots of organic produce.

A big thanks to Tegan, author of Additive Free Kids’ Parties, for her great book which had some brilliant ideas for us to use.

We used these recipes from the book:
1) Lemonade (Old Fashioned Lemonade)
2) Mini Chockie Cookies
3) Lemon Star Cake
4) Beetroot and Homous Dips

Buy it here:

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