Autumn Fair Stall

Tina at the Eco Party Box stall.
We attended the Waldorf Willunga School's Autumn Fair over the weekend. Held every year at the school's Fleurieu Peninsula (South Australia) premises it was a gorgeous day, with the weather just beautiful and the vibe buzzing with a laid back ease.

There were lots of parent helpers offering plenty to eat and drink, some brilliant entertainment from some of the school and the State's most talented performers and lots of stalls to entice shoppers.

Eco Party Box had a stall too. We displayed our eco party tableware, party favours, party hats, party stationery and bunting.

The organic cotton and also alpaca wool finger puppets were popular. So were the tumbled gemstones, wooden egg maraca shakers and gum nut children.

A selection of our eco party favors available at our stall.
We had a fun time explaining to people that there is an eco alternative to disposable plastic party supplies. Many had just not considered it before.

As the school used our compostable plates and cutlery we offered to collect it in large compost bins. However despite being well labelled some plastics did make their way in to the bins.

This is one of the challenges for us: making people aware that compostable partyware is waste which has an appropriate home too, and is not just destined to be placed in a standard bin.

If it can be turned into worm food that's one less bit of litter taking up space in landfill.

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