So how do eco plates stack up?

Global green consciousness is on the rise and its time to undo another layer of the green onion.

There is much information on improving the home, office and schools in an eco manner but what about in the kitchen and most importantly, where do we place our yummy organic food on. Washable and disposables plates have been given the eco make-over and many varieties are slowing etching their way into the market.  

Washable Plates 

Commercial ceramic dinnerware is currently the best eco-friendly plates to use as they are reusable and last many years. Dinnerware can become more eco-friendly in the manufacturing and packaging processes and will certainly be popular in years to come. 

Recycled Plastic
Thousands of plastics are recycled and made into plastic plates, cups and cutlery that are reusable and recyclable. Made by a company called Preserve in the USA, all Preserve products are BPA and phthalate-free. A much better ‘plastic’ alternative for entertaining and every day use. 

Recycled Glass 
There is a range of plates made in the USA from handmade recycled glass and comes in a range of different colours. There are traffic light plates reshaped from retired lenses. They are not available in Australia but they are amazing and worth the mention. 

Cellulose and Husk Plates
Hulls from straw and rice are combined with coconut shells and bamboo fibers to create this beautiful range of eco-friendly plates. These plates are strong and have a natural colour that lasts for up to five years and then can be broken and thrown in the compost bin where in the right conditions will biodegrade within 4 months.  

Disposable Plates 

Bagasse is the natural bi-product of sugarcane after the juice is extracted from the cane. Begasse material is processed and molds into a durable and strong product that is fast becoming the number 1 choice for vendors at big festivals and events. They come in two colours, natural and white and are compostable and biodegradable. In the right conditions, it takes up to 2 months to decompose helping to grow your garden. They are the perfect disposable option for all-age type parties. 
A fast growing plant that is known to grow three feet in a day, makes a great choice for compostable and biodegradable plates. All bamboo tableware are made from reconstituted bamboo and contains no chemicals or synthetic materials in their manufacture process. Bamboo plates are very strong and can be used multiple times before throwing away into the compost bin. For a more eco choice look for the organic bamboo variety. 

Areca Sheath 
Made from the naturally fallen outer sheath of the Areca palm tree, the Areca leaf sheaths are carefully collected and sorted. The sheaths are cleaned and processed without using any chemicals, resins or dyes. These sheaths are steamed and pressed using heat into beautiful unique plates. They are a fair-trade product from India where the farmers are paid above the industry standard. The Areca sheath plates come in many unique shapes such as square, round, rectangle, heart, oblong and square. They are strong, durable, freezable and microwavable and are compostable and biodegradable.These plates make a unique and beautiful table set up for special occasions such as engagements, 21st birthday parties and intimate dinner parties.

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