A Guide To Composting Eco Party Tableware

Once the party is over, your friends have gone home and everything has been packed up you'll be left with your now used compostable party plates, cups and cutlery.

What comes next can be great fun as helping nature in its rebuilding process is a really rewarding and beneficial activity.

Start by digging a hole in the ground. Try to find soil which is moist so that it can aid in the natural breaking down of the eco party tableware quicker.

Place all the tableware in the hole and then step on it to compact it.

Cover the contents of the hole with the soil you took to make the hole. And voila!

If you're composting - that is, using the broken down material for use in your garden - then place all the unwanted food scraps (that's mainly fatty food wastes) into the bin as they may attract unwanted pests.

As our tableware is compostable - that means it breaks down naturally and enriches the soil (all our items are adequately tested and certified) - and not just biodegradable (yes there is a difference) it will be helping the planet to renew itself.

For a comprehensive list of the dos and dont's of composting visit our special composting section: www.ecopartybox.com.au/composting

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