The first eco party box ...

In February 2011 Cyclone Yasi hit Australia's far north, devastating the regions of Tully, Tully Heads and Mission Beach as well as other areas close by.

Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner of Connect2Mums were instrumental in helping communities pick up the pieces in the region nearby after Cyclone Larry destroyed Far North's Innisfail in 2006. They formed Mothers Helping Others - a not for profit organisation helping children and families. It played a vital role in rebuilding not just the local areas but also many lives through a range of practical and innovative ways.

Tina with the first order
Well in February 2011 they were at it again - and Eco Party Box Australia wanted to do its bit.

Even though we hadn't launched the business we donated a Children's Party Box as part of the Connect2Mum's Cyclone Yasi auction with all proceeds going to victims of the devastated areas.

The auction was done using facebook with our first Eco Party Box going to Cath from Melbourne who bidded $30.00 (we included the postage too).

We are glad our first Eco Party Box was created to help those in need.

Tina x

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